Pallotta's Catering

Catered events range from Drop & Go’s to Full Service Events. We pride ourselves on catering plenty of delicious food in a timely manner. We are able to cater events from 30 people to 200 people.

Pan Favorites

A La Carte

1/2 Pan Feeds Approx. 6-8 people, Full Pan Feed Approx. 12-15 people


Baked Ziti....... $55 / $110

Chicken ala Pallotta....... $90 / $180

Number 84....... $50 / $100

Garlicky Greengo Pasta....... $97 / $195

Chicken Marsala....... $97 / $195

Pasta Alfredo....... $40 / $80

                With chicken....... $80 / $160

                With Shrimp....... $80 / $160

The Big Al....... $97 / $195

Pasta with Meatballs....... $65 / $130

Pasta with Top Tomato....... $40 / $80

Pasta with Meat Sauce....... $45 / $90

Lasagna Bolognese....... $80 / $130 *limited quantities only / advance notice required

**Feel free to discuss with mgmt. if there is another entrée that you would like as a Pan Favorite**



Cut Green Salad....... $20 / $40

Caesar Salad....... $25 / $50

Marinated Vegetable Cut Salad....... $30 / $60

Greek Salad....... $35 / $70

Italian Chopped Salad....... $45/ $90


(priced to accompany the Pan Favorites Menu.  If wanting just appetizers, discuss pricing with mgmt.)

Tomato Caprese ....... $3 pp

La Chac La Bread ....... $2.50 pp

Mini Italian Meatballs ....... $3 pp

Sweet Bourbon Chicken....... $4 pp

Spicy Sausage & Peppers....... $4 pp

Vegetable Tray (feeds 20)....... $45

Garlic Bread....... $0.65 ea



Cheesecake Variety ....... 12pc $33 / 24pc $66

Cannoli ....... 10pc $40 / 20pc $80

Chocolate Cake ....... 12pc $32 / 24pc $64

Carrot Cake ....... 12pc $36 / 24pc $72

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Tiramisu ....... 10pc $50 / 20pc $100


Fresh Brewed Tea Gallons....... $10.99

Lemonade Gallon....... $10.99

Fresh Brewed Tea for large catered events....... $1.50pp

Disposable Basic Set Up $0.50/Person (plate, fork, knife, spoon, napkin)

Disposable Full Meal Set Up $1/Person (plate, dessert plate, fork, knife, spoon, dessert fork, napkin, cup, straw)

Disposable High End Set Up Discuss pricing with management based on your needs.

Disposable Serving Utensils $1 each

Sternos for Chaffing Dishes $2 each

Pasta Master's Favorite

Specially priced for Schools, Churches, and Organizations

$8.50 Per Person
Pricing does not include Tax or Gratuity

Choose Up To Two Sauces to be served over pasta

Pavia (Alfredo) sauce • Tomato Sauce • Meat Sauce • Basil Pesto Cream Sauce • Creamy Tomato Sauce

Add Diced Grilled Chicken to one Pasta +$3.25/person
Add Mini Italian Meatballs to one Pasta +$2.50/person

Comes with cut green salad and Garlic bread.

Requires a minimum of 30 people

Wedding & Special Event Package

Choose this package to ensure there is plenty of food for your special day or event.

$21.95 Per Person
Pricing does not include Tax or Gratuity

Choose 2 Entrees from the following:

Baked Ziti • Chicken ala Pallotta • Chicken Alfredo • Number 84 • Pasta with Meatballs • Pasta with Meat Sauce

Choose 1 Salad Choice

Cut Green Salad (Romaine, Iceberg, Shredded Carrots & Cabbage, Choice of Dressing)


Caesar Salad

Served with Garlic Bread

Choose 2 Appetizers:

Mini Italian Meatballs • Tomato Caprese • La Chac La Bread  (homemade stuffed Italian flatbread) • Vegetable Tray

Requires a minimum of 30 people

General Information

Catered events range from Drop & Go’s to Full Service Events.
We pride ourselves on catering plenty of delicious food in a timely manner.
We are able to cater events from 30 people to 200 people.
For smaller events, we require a minimum of 24 hour notice.
For larger events, we require a 7 day notice.

All full service catered events require a $300 nonrefundable deposit.
This deposit is placed towards the final payment.

Pasta Masters and Wedding Packages require a minimum of 30 people

For fully serviced catered events, we will be responsible for delivery, set up,
service of food via buffet line, breakdown/cleanup of the food service line and/or kitchen prep area.
Gratuity for fully serviced catered events is 20% of the final subtotal
and may incur a travel fee, depending on the location of the event.
Full-Service Option only available depending on staffing availability.

An additional gratuity percentage or a flat fee may be placed on the bill depending on the cost of event compared to the amount of staff needed to perform the event when ordering from the Pan Favorites section for a large event. 

When ordering from the Catering Menu, food can be picked up or we can deliver and/or serve it based on staff availability and if we have any other events booked for the same date/time.
We will make every attempt to honor your needs.

Food warmers, chaffing dishes, and metal serving utensils are available upon request,
but must be returned in the same quality as they were borrowed.
If any of these items are damaged or missing, an additional fee will be
assessed for the cost of each item.

Guests are responsible for returning any borrowed equipment within
a 24 hour time frame and rinsed of any food.

Although we typically do not offer bussing services, we will consider offering it for an additional gratuity percentage to pay the staff for their time. 

An additional fee will be charged for us to pick up equipment,
if not a full service catered event.

Credit card information will be kept on file until completion of the event
as a safety deposit for items borrowed.

For Large events & weddings, we require all final head counts and menu choices
to be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the event date.

Prices do not include tax or service/delivery fee.

We will be happy to give you a firm estimate based on your needs but keep
in mind that this may change based on your final details.

If tax exempt, please email us your tax exempt form prior to the event date.

Menu items and pricing are subject to change without notice.

We will do our due diligence to keep this current at all times.

Inquire about a Catering/Delivery

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